At FoCussed! Coffee, we believe that coffee should not only be enjoyable, but affordable. We are a community of coffee lovers that have an attitude, saying no to the doubters, flipping off the favorites and the big names with their expensive prices. We are committed to bring you the best tasting and highest quality coffee at a reasonable price. 

     When you order with us, you immediately become part of a family. Since we are a small business, you deal with one person when it comes to your order and that is me, Jason Feinman, the owner of FoCussed! Coffee. No customer service representatives, no getting put on hold, no run around. I am FoCussed! on your complete satisfaction from the moment you place your order, to processing, shipping and long after you have received your coffee and/or merchandise. If there is any unforeseen problem, you will be notified as soon as possible and will always make sure you are completely satisfied. The only review acceptable for me is 5 stars and while I can't control everything, I sure as hell try my best to make sure you are a happy customer that will be a part of our FoCussed! family for life. 

     FoCussed! is more than great coffee. FoCussed! is a lifestyle as well with a complete line of products to fit your lifestyle. If it's in your life, then it's FoCussed! From t-shirts and hoodies, to coffee mugs, towels and more, we at FoCussed! have partnered with trustworthy brands like Champion and Gildan among others, to bring you the highest quality merchandise around. I wouldn't put my reputation and business on the line pedaling inferior products and that is why I am proud to offer this to you.

   Integrity, reputation and your security matter. I am proud to have received perfect 100 scores for website reputation and safety from Digital Trust. A major part of that reputation is based on the strength of Goggle reviews of which are a perfect average 5.0 star rating. I also take pride that I earned the endorsement of hip hop legend, the original King of Rap, Kurtis Blow. I have known Kurtis for several years and I asked him to try out my coffee. He did and was such a fan that he wanted to endorse my brand and his wife loves it too. They make FoCussed! Coffee a part of their every day routine. More and more people are learning about how good our coffee along with the community and movement we are creating here. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. I love posting members of our FoCussed! family showing their FoCussed! attitude. We all have busy lives and have hopes and dreams, no matter how big or small. We focus on the big picture and let nothing stop us. We move forward. Together. WE ARE FoCussed! 




FoCussed! Coffee is a proud sponsor of Humanity Coalition https://www.humanitycoalition.org