Attention Westwood! Get FoCussed! Premium Coffee Delivered Fresh, Dire | FoCussed Coffee

Attention Westwood! Get FoCussed! Premium Coffee Delivered Fresh, Direct To Your Door

Attention Westwood Neighbors! Get FoCussed! Premium Coffee Delivered Fresh To Your Door!

      Hello My name is Jason Feinman and I am the owner of FoCussed! Coffee. I started this company to provide a better alternative to the mass produced, big chains that either try to act fancy and charge more, or produce stale “swill” that sits around all day in machines that, well, I wouldn’t trust. I have also created a lifestyle brand, a community of coffee lovers who have an unstoppable, FoCussed! attitude.

     It is this dedication to premium, fresh coffee that has already earned 5 star ratings on Google and the endorsement of hip hop legend Kurtis Blow. Oh, I forgot, his wife loves it too! I encourage you to try the difference that is FoCussed! Coffee. Be a part of something better. Better coffee, better customer service. WE ARE FoCussed! 

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Jason Feinman

Owner, FoCussed! Coffee 

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