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How To Taste Coffee and Conduct Coffee Tastings

    Many people have heard of wine tastings or tastings of other drinks like whiskey or beer, but coffee tasting is not that common, and I’m looking to change that. The main principles of all tastings are the same, and coffee is no different, however your experience with FoCussed! Coffee and the steps needed, are. 

     With FoCussed! Coffee, your experience starts right before you open the bag, when you get a big whiff of the wonderful, overpowering aroma that only comes with the extreme freshness of FoCussed! Coffee. Next, you are going to scoop out around two teaspoons or how much you want to use, and start brewing your coffee. The aroma that you get when the coffee is brewing is heavenly and you will want to inhale that through your nose. Visually, you will want to watch your coffee as it brews and then sits in your mug. 

     Taste always starts at the tip of the tongue, but coffee is hot. Many people who drink coffee, do not know how to actually taste and savor the coffee, because they may be on the go, use add-ins like milk and sugar and drink it too hot, not engaging the taste buds on the tip of the tongue or burning your tongue in the process.

     Allowing the coffee to cool off to warm by blowing on it and then waiting, will allow you a pleasurable tasting experience because the sweet properties of the coffee are important and balances any bitterness. All coffee, is going to have some bitterness in it because after all, coffee comes from beans that contain both acids and caffeine. 

     At FoCussed! Coffee, we encourage you to participate in really tasting our world class coffees and we hope the following guide will help. Stay tuned for future posts that may include live virtual tastings, in person events and more. 

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