FoCussed! Coffee Has Arrived With An Attitude | FoCussed Coffee

FoCussed! Coffee Has Arrived With An Attitude

FoCussed! Coffee Has Arrived With An Attitude

A new coffee and lifestyle brand is changing the way you think about both, combining flavor, fashion and attitude. FoCussed! Coffee was created with you in mind.

Hackensack, New Jersey Feb 2, 2021 (  - Welcome To The FoCussed! Family

FoCussed! Coffee was created just for you, the coffee lover. Straightforward, honest,
authentic. Nothing fancy or overpriced. When we wake up in the morning, we want that cup of coffee that smells good, tastes good, and wakes us up so we can get to where we need to go.

More Than Just Great Coffee, FoCussed! Is A Way Of Life

FoCussed! Coffee was incorporated in November 2020 as a division of Expletive Brands LLC, in the midst of the pandemic, and went live with our platform, in mid-December 2020. We are more than an online coffee store, we are a lifestyle brand that has already earned the endorsement of hip hop legend and the original King of Rap, Kurtis Blow. FoCussed! Coffee has done this with a commitment to excellence in every facet of the industry.

The Coffee

FoCussed Coffee! gets beans from all over the world and is able to produce the regional flavors that are distinct, based on the soil, temperature, and other environmental factors of the countries. Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bali, and Ethiopia are just a few of the countries we are able to offer coffee from. We have partnered with a select group of purveyors that harvest the beans and then distribute them to two separate facilities based on the style and blend being produced. From there, the beans stay in their natural state until your order is received. Only then do the beans get roasted and based on whether you chose whole bean, standard, or espresso, are packaged at the peak of freshness in specially designed bags. A big part of FoCussed! Coffee is knowing that many of you want organic and natural food and drink going into your bodies, and we agree. We offer many varieties of organic coffee, natural coffee, and natural flavored coffee. We also note each distinction in our product descriptions, along with grading classification, if noted.

The Lifestyle

Whether you are hard at work or hard at play, we at FoCussed! Coffee knows that you live your life the way you want, with an attitude that is unstoppable. You have to keep going because life doesn’t stop, time doesn’t stop, and neither can you.
Balancing family, friends, home and work isn't easy, so you should have high quality, comfortable, yet stylish clothing that will keep up with you. FoCussed! Coffee is proud to deliver on that end with a wide selection of merchandise and accessories. We offer such trustworthy brand names like Champion and Gildan to put our name on because we only want to be associated with the best. Hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, coffee makers, and more, if it meets your lifestyle, it’s FoCussed!

Service That Is FoCussed! On YOU!

When you place an order with FoCussed! Coffee, you are dealing with one person and that is the owner of the company. My name is Jason Feinman, and I personally oversee your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process from the moment you place that order. I am here to answer and all questions pertaining to your order and make sure that you are part of the FoCussed! Family for life! I can be reached directly at or by phone at 201-937-9497. FoCussed Coffee is a division of Expletive Brands LLC, based in River Vale, NJ.

Media Contact

FoCussed! Coffeeexpletivebrands@gmail.com
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FoCussed! Coffee

At FoCussed! Coffee, we believe that coffee should not only be enjoyable, but affordable. We are a community of coffee lovers that have an attitude, saying no to the doubters, flipping off the favorites...
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