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Coffee That Works As Hard As You Do - FoCussed! Coffee Best Sellers Sample Pack Product Review

Coffee That Works As Hard As You Do - FoCussed! Coffee Best Sellers Sample Pack Product Review 

 by Coffee Enthusiast Magazine 

     When you find yourself working long, demanding hours, you need a hot cup of coffee that works hard right alongside you. Whether you work in an office, haul a big-rig, swing an axe, whatever you do, you can bet FoCussed! Coffee will support your sheer willpower. Take your drive to live life to the fullest to the next level, with a mug of FoCussed! Coffee.
If you are looking to up your coffee game, you can't go wrong with a sample pack of FoCussed! best sellers.

     Featuring six 2oz bags of their best sellers, you can taste test the best of 6 Bean Blend, Cowboy Blend, Breakfast Blend, Peru Organic Single Origin, Mexico Organic Single Origin, and Bali Blue Moon Organic Single Origin. This sample pack offers a selection of various roasts, tasting profiles and uses. Regardless of whether you are a drip brew die hard, enjoy campfire coffee, or brew French press with an attitude, this sample pack is a great choice.

6 Bean Blend Coffee

     FoCussed!’s 6 Bean blend is a meticulous house blend of coffee from around the world,  and a dark roast that is sure to ignite your senses. A coffee roast as dark as 6 Bean Blend, brews well as espresso, or in a French press. For on-the-go espresso lovers, 6 Bean Blend combines well with a handheld espresso maker, such as an AeroPress. You can buy 6 Bean Blend Coffee as a standard ground, fine espresso ground, or whole bean. If you are someone who's always on the road, a bag of pre-ground 6 Bean Blend Coffee and an AeroPress are all you need for fantastic Espresso away from home.

     You might be wondering, what is a house blend exactly? For starters, a coffee blend consists of two or more different types of coffee beans, which meld together to provide a totally unique flavor profile. A house blend, on the other hand, is an exclusive mixture crafted as a one-of-a-kind product completely dependent upon the roaster's preferences. Many coffee shops boast their own house blend, which means the last house blend you tried may be totally different from the next.

Cowboy Blend Coffee

     Fusing vanilla, caramel, and dark rich cocoa tones, FoCussed!'s Cowboy Blend is comprised of a blend of dark and medium roasts. The Cowboy Blend is a happy medium between a dark blend, and a medium blend, suitable for a variety of brewing methods. In full-sized bags, this unique blend is available as a standard ground, fine espresso ground, or even whole bean. This allows you to craft your next hot cup of Joe into a hard working mug of fuel – your way.

     Rich cocoa tones may seem difficult to enjoy in a cup of coffee, especially if you don't fancy yourself the coffee connoisseur. When they are balanced well in order to avoid bitterness, cocoa tones are some of the more desirable flavor profiles. FoCussed!’s Cowboy Blend achieves the correct melding of cocoa, caramel, and vanilla without an undesirable aftertaste common with other brands. Brew a mug to enjoy a whiff of cocoa, as your nose and taste buds work to provide the signature flavor of Cowboy Blend by FoCussed!.

Breakfast Blend Coffee

     If you'd prefer your coffee didn't punch you in the face with a jolt of dark, bold caffeine, the Breakfast Blend from FoCussed! may be right up your alley. Featuring a medium blend of South American grown coffee, Breakfast Blend offers a balanced cup of coffee, without tasting watered down, or weak. If you are looking for a coffee blend that pairs well with almost any breakfast item you can grab on the go, you can't go wrong with a bag of FoCussed!'s Breakfast Blend.

     A breakfast blend is generally roasted to a medium level, in order to provide a neutral cup of coffee without being too bitter, or too strong. This medium roast Breakfast Blend from FoCussed! Coffee is a happy medium roast that brews well in drip and even pod coffee machines. Because Breakfast Blend is a medium roast, it features a slightly acidic profile for a lovely tangy flavor. A rich cream will blend will with slightly acidic coffee, for a well-rounded cup of the savory flavor that the Japanese call, umami.

Peru Single Origin Organic Coffee

     Single origin coffee is where you really get to enjoy some fantastic flavor profiles, and Peru Single Origin from FoCussed! does not disappoint. Grown within the Peru, Piura, and Amazon regions, Peru Single Origin is grown in clay soil abundant with various minerals. Once these beans have grown to maturity at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,700 meters, they are picked and gully washed, before drying in the sun.

     Coffee lovers will enjoy a flavor profile of silky sweet, citrus, and salted caramel in Peru Single Origin's medium roast. Plus, as a certified organic coffee, you can rest assured this single origin product was grown and harvested by hard working individuals such as yourself – to meticulous standards. You also don't have to deal with pesticide residue, or harmful chemicals. Simply grind up a batch of Peru Single Origin whole bean, brew utilizing your desired brewing method, and get to work.

Mexico Single Origin Organic Coffee

     Another organic origin coffee from FoCussed!, Mexico Single Origin will have you firing on all cylinders. Grown within the lush landscaping of Chipias, Oaxaca, and Mexico, this single origin coffee is grown to maturity at an elevation of 900 to 1,000 meters. Once it is harvested by hard working farmers, it is washed completely, and dried in the sun. Mineral rich clay contributes to a fantastic flavor profile, unique to this South American growing region.

     Notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and even green apple will give your taste buds a run for their money, in a medium roast. An organic certification means you can enjoy this single origin coffee, without the fear of pesticide residue, and other nasty chemicals – just the enjoyment of pure coffee. Would you prefer to brew this up as a campfire coffee? Mexico Single Origin coffee brews well across nearly all manner of brewing methods to suit the style of any coffee drinker.

Bali Blue Organic Single Origin Coffee

     Produced in the regions of Kintamani, Indonesia, and Bali, this single origin blend from FoCussed! will delight your senses. Grown in rich volcanic loam, Bali Single Origin coffee is a certified organic product, in a medium to dark roast. Certified organic coffee is grown without the aid of industrial pesticides and harmful chemicals. Once the coffee has reached maturity it is hand picked at an elevation of 1,200 to 1,600 meters. This single origin coffee is then wet hulled, and dried on raised beds before shipping to their destination.
One unique aspect of single origin from the region of Indonesia is wet hulling, also known as giling basah. This is a traditional method used throughout Indonesia, not to be confused with a practice known as wet processing. Basically, an overnight fermentation process helps to play a role in the removal of pulp surrounding the coffee beans. This tradition has been handed down from one harder working coffee farmer to the next, and is sure to continue for years to come.

FoCussed! Coffee

     No matter your taste, FoCussed! Coffee is sure to have the perfect blend to help you get going each morning. Even if you enjoy the hands-on approach of grinding your own beans, and brewing in a French press, or need the convenience of a pod coffee machine, each one of FoCussed!'s products are available in three forms: standard ground, espresso (fine) ground, and whole bean. Find the right flavor profile for your attitude, with FoCussed!.

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